Take Time To Clean Up Your Social Media

What does your social media look like?  If you have been in business a while, you may have developed a good routine for posting to your social media and feel pretty good about it.  That’s wonderful!  

I was feeling pretty good about my social media presence until I got a reminder at a seminar given by Lori Ramos of Thrive Collective Shop that you might want to “Spring Clean” your social media every once in a while!  What does spring cleaning your social media involve, you ask?  

Use these 4 tips to get a start on spring cleaning your social media:

1.  Make some simple changes to make your social media pages look fresh.  For example, have you changed your profile picture recently?  If not, it may be time for an update.  You could use a headshot picture that you have not used before or it may be time to get some new headshot pictures taken.  What about the banner on your pages?  It is simple to create a new banner for any social media platform in Canva.  You can even highlight new products or services that you are offering, right inside of your banner!

2.  Take a look and make sure that your branding is clear and accurate.  Here is a short checklist of items that show up on social media that should be reviewed on each social media platform:

  • Bios/About 
  • Title/Headline
  • Taglines
  • Contact Information
  • Address
  • Website links
  • Hours of operation

Hopefully, all of the information on your profiles is correct but sometime we may change a tagline in our advertising and totally forget about all of the places that it needs to be changed.  Or a website link may not be working and we are not even aware of it until we check it.  

3.  Audit your past social media posts.  Look through your past posts and see what stands out.  In other words, look at your analytics!  There are multiple platforms that you can use to look at the analytics of your social media but those analytics can only help if you actually go and look at them.

  • What types of posts seem to do better than others?
  • What posts don’t perform well at all?
  • What days and times are working best?
  • Do pictures, words, videos, stories, or reels work best?

4.  Examine the groups that you are a part of as well as your connections.   It may be time to let go of some of those old connections and groups.  You might even find some new ones that are more aligned with your current business strategy than what you were doing in the past.

We are often so busy as business owners that we simply don’t think about reviewing our social media platforms, but it is something that should probably be put on our business calendar to do at least once a year. 

It might even be a good idea to outsource that task to someone else so that you can get a fresh perspective.  I was recently asked by one of my clients to review their LinkedIn presence and I found a job that she was no longer at that she had forgotten to put an end date on.  It was not a huge deal but it could be confusing to someone that was trying to learn more about her.  

So if you have a time when your business slows down a little bit, take the opportunity to clean up your social media.  I’m sure that your followers will be glad that you did!

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