My Story

After getting a Marketing degree, I worked in the corporate world for over a decade. I worked in the banking sector for a few years and then went on to distributer sales with several major healthcare and scientific products companies such as Baxter Healthcare, VWR Scientific, and Krackeler Scientific. Some of my most notable clients in the scientific research area included Glaxo SmithKline, Duke University, and the North Carolina University System.

I enjoyed my corporate career and the variety of positions that I held. During that time, I was fortunate to gain experience in administration, customer service, project management, marketing and sales. I have been the person doing the behind the scene operations of the company as well as the sales person on the front lines.

After getting promoted up the corporate ladder, I decided to take some time off from the business world and spend some time with my 2 children (Jared & Jessica) while they were small. Although I thought that my kids would keep me extremely busy (And at times, they did!), I still found a lot of time on my hands and I am not good at being still! So, I jumped right into being a teacher at church preschool, volunteering with all kinds of organizations and schools that my kids were involved in, and eventually ended up homeschooling my daughter through high school. And I was able to use all of the skills that I had learned in the business world in the volunteer positions that I held!

When my daughter was in high school and my son was in college, I had extra time on my hands once again. So I became a website and social media evaluator for a market research firm. I learned all about how to determine the best quality websites and how search engine optimization can push certain websites to the top of a Google search. It was all very interesting and fueled my interest in digital marketing so I took classes in WordPress website development, MailChimp email marketing platform, and more. I also became a virtual assistant to a plumbing company. I learned all about setting up contracts, invoicing, accounting and many other technical aspects of a business.

Boy time FLYS! My son is now married to his beautiful wife, Kaitie, and they just had our first grandchild, a beautiful girl. My daughter is recently engaged, going to college and working. And my husband of 31 years and I are enjoying a new phase of our life.

I finally decided to make Virtual Assistance my full-time career and Targeted Business Support was born! I absolutely love working with small business owners and solo-professionals to take care of the back-end pieces of their business so that they can be more productive. With my support, business owners can have less stress, work more efficiently, and make MORE MONEY!

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