2021 with shoes in front

Looking Forward To New Beginnings

As strange as 2020 has been for most of the world, I think we are all hoping that we can put 2020 to rest at the end of December.  But as bad as 2020 may have been for some, there have been some good things to come out of this crazy time.  I prefer to focus on the good instead of the bad so here is a list of some good things that I want to remember about 2020.
  1. Extra time was available to connect with family through puzzles, movie nights, and meals at the dinner table.
  2. Essential personnel in many areas became appreciated once again.  We will no longer think of grocery store workers, healthcare staff, teachers, police, firemen, EMTs in quite the same way.
  3. We all learned about new technology.  Being forced to social distance, just about everyone embraced some type of new technology.  The word “Zoom” has a whole new meaning for most of us!
  4. Celebrations could not be stopped.  Humankind still came up with creative ways to celebrate birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduations, etc.  Who had ever heard of a drive-by celebration before 2020!?!
  5. Contrary to popular belief, life did not stop. The U.S. birth rate increased in 2020.  I even enjoyed the birth of my first grandchild this year!

Now for some more GREAT news! After many months of planning, I’m thrilled to announce the official opening of my virtual assistance company, Targeted Business Support.  I specialize in working with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners and helping them with the backend pieces of their business like sending out email newsletters, updating their website, social media management, and administrative tasks. 

Thank you to everyone that have shared your ideas and encouragement during these last several months of planning.  I am so enjoying this new venture!

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