How To Get Your Website Noticed By Google

Google’s search engine constantly ranks millions of websites every day.  What’s the point of having a great website, if no one can find it? If you want potential customers to find your website, then try these 5 tips.

  1. Choose a Reputable Hosting Provider!

There are hosting providers at many different price points. Sometimes paying a little more is definitely worth it. Do your research and choose a hosting provider that will provide the site speed, customer support, and features that your website deserves. I personally love using Siteground as my hosting provider and evidently, some other people agree with me.  In a recent Facebook poll of website owners, Siteground ranked #1. Other top-rated hosting sites are Cloudaways, Host Gator, Green Geeks, and Blue Host.

  1. Have Fresh Content!!! 

One of the ways that Google determines the quality of a website is by noticing if new content is added. If you create a wonderful website and don’t add anything to it or change anything for months, your website will gradually drop in its ranking. Try updating your site at least monthly with some new pictures, a new testimonial, or even a blog!

  1. Maintain Your Website on a Regular Basis.

Just like your cell phone or computer needs updates, your website needs software updates too. If you do not update the theme, plug-ins, and various other parts of your website, it may run slower and that will not help your Google rankings. Besides, how many times have you stayed on a website that took a long time to load???  Oh and don’t forget to make sure that all of the links on your website actually work!

  1. Make Sure That You Have Google Analytics Installed On Your Website. 

Yes, Google Analytics is a great free way to check on the performance of your website but it also alerts Google that there is a website that it needs to pay attention to!

  1. Share links to Your Website On Social Media. 

In order to get Google to notice your website, you need someone to go to your website. And each time someone goes to your website, it becomes more reputable to Google. Engaging on social media often leads to click-throughs to websites so start posting!

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