Phone/Tablet Stand

Christine’s Favorite Things – SAIJI Phone/Tablet Stand

Does your neck hurt at times from looking at your phone too much?  Mine used to before I purchased this phone/tablet stand from SAIJI.  It is adjustable from 4.7 to 12.9 inches, can be used in horizontal or vertical positions, and can be raised or lowered from 12.6 inches to 21.26 inches.  I put my phone on this stand at a convenient height while I am at my desk each day and now my neck feels so much better!

It is also great for taking selfies or recording videos for social media posts.  In addition, I often put my iPad in this stand while I am cooking so that I can look at all of the millions of recipes that I have saved on Pinterest!  I do actually try to make a few of those recipes that I have saved.  How about you?

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