Christine’s Favorite Things: Networking Groups

As a business owner, I simply can not live without my networking groups. Working on your own can get lonely, and these groups provide me with people that give me support as well as new business knowledge.  The picture above represents two of my favorites – B.I.G. and TANG.

B.I.G. ( is a global group of women entrepreneurs that meet via zoom as well as locally in some places.  During the times of shutdown due to COVID, B.I.G. was instrumental in keeping me motivated to improve my business.  They provided accountability, inspiration, and education for my personal life as well as my business.

The Johnston County (NC) chapter of TANG (, has been my absolute favorite local networking group.  I found them just before  NC was starting to open up again for in-person meetings.  We meet weekly and this group has become like family.  We support each other with referrals, valuable knowledge, genuine friendship, and fun.  I attribute much of the success of my business to this group.

So if you are not a member of a networking group that you love, go find one!  I’m sure that you will find that it will provide many benefits for you and your business.

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